A flat image of a body with its head in a toilet and the words 'Blotto' written under the image.

Blotto Origins

After years of tinkering with the game engine Unity, I decided it was time to commit to a project that I could develop and publish within a few months. I have discussed making games with a few close friends in the past, and I finally convinced one that we were both capable of launching a game on the app store. The friend I convinced is an optometrist by trade, so I gave him a crash course on Unity over a weekend, and we decided he would be in charge of game design, while I would be in charge of development. After spending a few weeks understanding our limitations, we arrived at Blotto.

Blotto is British slang for drunk, and it alludes to soaking up alcohol the way blotting paper soaks up ink. Blotto is a drinking card game filled with challenges for all people over 21 years of age to enjoy.